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Located in Jiangsu, China, Nanjing Research Institute on Simulation Technique (NRIST) is devoted to providing integrated and tailored full-spectrum training solutions for military, law enforcement and security sector. As a leader in Chinese market, NRIST training products have been widely used across Africa and Southeast Asia.

By far, our company has acquired core technical competencies in laser engagement simulation, battle space situational awareness, simulation on target characteristics, interactive three-dimensional simulation, multilevel electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design and test, reliability engineering, supersonic unmanned target drone, automatic flight control of unmanned helicopter, etc. Among the main products are target system for counter-terrorism training, image simulation target system, pop-up target system for small arms, side turning target system with acoustic positioning sensor, training products for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), Live force laser engagement training system, etc.

We have passed the national ISO9001 quality system certification in 2000 and the GJB9001B quality system certification in 2004. Over 50 scientific research achievements have won the national and military progress prize in science and technology, including two second prizes for national scientific and technological progress award, three first prizes and more than thirty second prizes for military scientific and technological progress award, as well as 68 national patents.